Cover Art by CINAR and WGBH Music.

Arthur And Crew Return with their 3rd project, Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix.=====

Includes Tracks Like:Edit
D.W.'s Classics 'Mrs, Wha-cha-ma-call-it' or 'Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Friend'Edit
The cajun rhythm kick "My Brain"Edit
The tango masterpiece "Detective Tango"Edit
And More!!!Edit
In Stores Now From Rounder KidsEdit
1. Believe In Yourself (Arthur Theme Remix)Edit
2. I Don't Want to Wake UpEdit
3.Pop Quiz from RatburnEdit
4. Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Friend?Edit
5. Two Sides of The StoryEdit
6.I Can't Snap My FingersEdit
7.Fly, Butterfly, Fly!Edit
8.D.W.'s Brass in PocketEdit
9. Elwood City:A ReportEdit
10. Muffy's Soccer SongEdit
11. My BrainEdit
12. Only The FrenskyEdit
13. Mrs. Wha-cha-ma-call-itEdit
14. Fern's Detective TangoEdit
15. My Echo Doesn't Sound Like Me Edit
BONUS: 16. Goldilocks and the Bears Trio as Told By Sue EllenEdit