"Big Brother Binky"


Original Airdate

September 7, 2007

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Big Brother Binky is a special 1 hour episode featuring Binky's family's trip to China to see Binky's new baby sister, Mei-lin, and to see a Chinese opera.When she was crying Binky puffed his cheeks to make her stop crying When they flew back back to Elwood City, Mei-lin would not stop crying. Binky tried puffing his cheeks but he said the "magic's" gone. Then he tried making faces to stop her crying, but it didn't worked. The only thing that made her stop crying is Arthur. At night when Mei-lin was crying he did a lullaby but it did work for a while. The next day Binky wanted to go to China to get his "power" back or to get a new one. Binky's parents suggest going to a Chinese restaurant. When they sit there the Reads show up they join Binky's family, Aurthur and Binky played peek-a-boo with her.


  • When Binky went to sing the lullaby in Mei Lin's bedroom, he entered wearing his pajamas. In the next shot, when his back is turned, he is shown wearing his regular orange shirt. When shown from the front again, he is back in his pajamas.

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