Buster Baxter is Arthur's best friend. A jolly and upbeat figure, Buster enjoys watching television, reading works of science fiction, conjuring conspiracy theories, playing video games, playing the tuba, reading joke books, and above all, eating. However, he sometimes shows a disinterest in school work, and his academic performance is usually underwhelming. He is eight years old. He also has asthma. He is very superstitious at times, and is obsessed with aliens. Buster has acted as a detective on occasion, once teaming up with Fern, and is usually successful, though his tendency to embrace superstition and conspiracy theories hinders him. Buster lives in a condo with his mother, Bitzi, and occasionally travels with his father. His parents divorced for some unknown reason. In Season 2 he left on a vacation with his dad in "Arthur's Faraway Friend" and came back in the two-part Season 3 opener "Buster's Back" and "The Ballad of Buster Baxter." Buster also had his own spin-off series, entitled Postcards from Buster. He also has an uncle that loves putting together models. Buster is also quite fond of his mother's boyfriend Harry, even though he and Bitzi broke up in Season 8. [3] He is shown with a greenish blue sweater with a salmon colored collar and blue jeans. In some of the Arthur episodes Buster loves dinosaurs.