In Arthur's world,everyone confronts a list of evildoers.


  • (I was expecting "Let's get ready to rumble", but "Get ready to fight" works too...)
  • (Since he's no bender. The reason nobody can recall his fighting is because Binky hardly ever fights anyone... the last time he was actually in a scuffle was in "Finders Key-pers" -- Binky would rather read books or catch butterflies, or go to the ballet than fight. But then, we all knew

    The real concept of the original Bell X1 Rocket Plane.

    that anyway, didn't we?)
  • There was a lot of interest in this episode in the Yahoo! Arthur Club before it aired.

That's a lot of paint for such a little pot.

  • "Arthur's parents seem to act as if Arthur got what he deserved" when Binky hit HIM, I said. Their smug what-comes-around-goes-around/see-how -YOU-like-it attitude completely overlooks the fact that Arthur had to be provoked in order to hit D.W., but Binky was carrying out a random dare that Arthur just happened to be the victim of. In this case, two wrongs defininitely do NOT make a right, but Dave and Jane's smug satisfaction is very inappropriate!

  • Note:D.W. apologized right at the start, Arthur probably wouldn't have hit her, since it's not like him. D.W.'s excuse that she's just a weak child -- handled the thorny issue in the episode "Bleep".

Montage of Arthur's punching scene with DW

for breaking his plane.

  • This episode was rated TV-Y-7 for Arthur hitting D.W.*
  • Many fans consider this to be one of the two most violent episodes, the other being "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles."
  • Arthur doesn't have a bandage on his arm until he and D.W. go to the dining room.
  • Arthur's middle name is Timothy, which is revealed when Jane yells to Arthur, "Arthur Timothy Read! Come here!".
  • Both Arthur and D.W. got hit on the left arm.
  • This is the 4th time that Arthur's grounded for doing something wrong; the first time was in "Play it Again, D.W.," when he said that he would wreck D.W.'s Crazy Bus CD, even though it wasn't heard. In "Arthur the Wrecker," Arthur was grounded from the computer for a week. In "Arthur's Knee," he was grounded for breaking into the dump.
  • When working on the plane for a week, Arthur's red shoes weren't worn the next few days.* During the week in which Arthur made his plane, he wore more different outfits than he's usually seen wearing in most of the series.
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