===Episode #609===

"The Good Sport" / "Crushed"

2019 April 4 1999 VHS Edit

  1. 2019 April 4
  2. Trouble With Money
  3. Can You Spare a Dime
  4. Max's Dragon Shirt
  5. Po is Sleep

Synopsis by George4Browne - Who's "Crushed" that there's only one episode left.

''Screenshots by: 'S.C.' and 'Dave'

'Videoclip by: 'Bloom_dreamlover

'recorded by: 'MissySetsuka

'Comments by: 'DetectiveSokka', 'dw_divastar', 'Jinora_victimizer', 'Amazing_asami', 'S.C.', 'Aonarr', 'KorraIsBack', and 'Hornbill_Zazu1


As the scene begins to zoom in, we hear the moo of a cow and the chirping of birds. As we continue to zoom in, we see Buster, who's wearing a black, red-banded cowboy hat and a strumming a banjo. He starts singing a country song, apparently of his own devising: (Listen to Buster singing his song. 344 KB, MP3)

If you liked this, Buster does a country song about UFOs on the first Arthur CD.

I sincerely hope Buster sings no more this season.

Buster's country singing voice was bad in my opinion.


There are things that make me blue, Like an old forgotten shoe,

or a candy bar that I have never tried...

History tests are crumby,

Soggy toast ain't yummy,

And the weatherman on the radio He just lies...

  • Ratburn hands Buster a paper with a red circled F.Liesc
  • A female hand places a dripping piece of toast on the rim of his hat.
  • It starts to rain.

Or you're playin' with your poodle,

And he bites ya' on the noodle. You hit your head on the bed! (That's gotta smart!) ' ' ' 'Poodlec

Muffy is a monkey, so wouldn't she have a monkey-dog relationship (refering to Japanese folktales where the monkey and the dog always try to prove who is better)? And I guess this means the dog wins!

But nothin' feels so bad

Can make ya' so darn sad As when a babysitter Sits upon your heart, upon your heart, Oh, yeah, upon your heart...

Switch to Arthur's bedroom now, with a glum Arthur sitting on his bed. Buster's walking around in Arthur's room, still singing.

At this point, Arthur races towards the screen with a worried expression on his face.

Arthur: Stop! Cut! No more! (to Buster): You were going to tell them?!

Buster says that indeed he was. It makes a good song.

Arthur starts waving his hands back and forth in a cease-and-desist type movement. Then he tells us that due to technical difficulties, there will be no show today, and like in That's A Baby Show!, he tries to cover the camera with his hand. This time though, Buster pushes him away. Buster talks to someone offscreen.


By calling for Greg, Buster is directly addressing the show's director, Greg Bailey.

Arthur grumbles.

* * * Crushed * * *

Buster roars like a lion.

Written by: Catherine Lieuwen

Storyboard by: Lyndon Ruddy, Robert Yap, Jeremy O'Neill

Script by: ArthurECDC Wiki

Fortunately, Buster won't be singing the entire episode. We open with Arthur and D.W., picking up some toys and Mom and Dad, getting ready to go out. Predictably, Arthur's complaining.

Arthur: Ah! Come on! I don't need a babysitter! I'm eight years old! I've even been a babysitter!

Points to KorraIsBack, he pointed that out when we were talking the evening before the episode. Arthur babysat the Tibbles in #10901- "Arthur Babysits." Dad tells him that it's just the way it is. Arthur asks if it's going to be Mrs. Grouse. She makes them dance.

Dad tells him that it's just the way it is. Arthur asks if it's going to be Mrs. Grouse. She makes them dance.

One definition for Grouse is "A cause for complaint; a greivance."

Why isn't Mrs. Grouse a bird person?

For Arthur's edification, the law states that children under the age of fourteen are not to be left home alone or in control of other children without supervision.

D.W. says that she likes Mrs. Grouse because she smells nice, and dancing's good for Arthur's "arthuritis".

arthuritis - n - Substitution of an Arthur, often caused by a D.W., or whatever annoys him at the time. Usually accompanied by whining and complaining.

D.W.' s arthuritis joke was hillarious!

Predictably, Arthur shoots back that he doesn't have arthuritis. Anyway, Mrs. Grouse can't make it, so Mom and Dad hired someone new: Sally MacGill.

Arthur says that she sounds mean.

He goes into a fantasy sequence. The "Tough Customers" theme music is playing. Arthur's scrubbing the floor. Meanwhile, the imaginary MacGill, a mean, tough-looking bulldog woman, is yelling cruelly at him:

Imaginary MacGill: Your parents said they wanted to come home to a clean house and that's what I intend to give them! Now hurry it up! It's 7:30! Almost time for bed!


Arthur asks Mom and Dad to not stay out too late. The babysitter arrives. Rather than being a mean old lady, she's a teenage bear-person girl. D.W. says that she looks too young to babysit, and demands ID. Mom and Dad brief Sally and then leave.

Sally: Before we have fun, we have to get some business out of the way.

Arthur doesn't bother to let her continue talking. He figures he knows what the business is: finish his homework, no staying up late, brush, floss... He traipses upstairs. Actually, Sally just wanted to know which ice cream he prefers, "Chunky Skunk" or "Chocochip?"

Knowing the penchant for weird ice cream flavors, I wouldn't be surprised if it's really Chunky Skunk.

Probably it is. But Ben & Jerry's makes a flavor called "Chunky Monkey", which I believe is monkeyless. Likewise their "Cherry Garcia" flavor doesn't contain any Jerry Garcia.

D.W. tells Sally that Arthur doesn't like ice cream, so she can give his portion to her. She also explains that her bedtime is 11:00...

D.W.: ...Unless we're watching a really good movie, then it's 12:00.

* * *

D.W. and Sally are on the living room floor, in front the couch, playing a video game.

I wish my babysitters fed me ice cream and played video games!

Wouldn't the couch be more comfortable? Or do the controllers stretch that far?

Some evil cow mummies, known as "moomies" in the video game are approaching them. Sally asks D.W. what they should do, "Use the shield or throw our magic ankhs at them?"

D.W. has no opinion. She "likes it when the bunny jumps; that's fun". Apart from that, she's bored with the game. Bored

Arthur comes in, and realizes that Sally is playing "Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy." Sally asks him if it's okay if she plays some of his video games. It's all right with Arthur. Sally says that her high score is 22,000.

Arthur (unconvincingly, twitching glasses): Uh, that's almost as high as my high score.

Playing with his glasses means Arthur is fibbing.


D.W. gives up her game-controller to Arthur. She's bored with the game. The cows don't even sing. At this point, they're on level 4 of the game.

  • What happened to D.W's supposed fear of Dark Bunny?
  • We know from #41002 - "That's a Baby Show" that Dark Bunny is a very new show. Are we really supposed to swallow that they've already come out with six games?

They reach Level 12. Neither of them have gotten that far before. Level 12 is where the "high priestess Nocoworetti" lives. She's the "Mommy of all Moomies."

Here's a Quicktime movie clip of Arthur and Sally reaching level 12, courtesy of S.C. Requires QT5.

Ever since Amon's speech about the Equalists being "The Revelation", lots of things have been "The Mother of All..."

For those who've never played one of these types of videogames, they always have some kind of major "boss monster" you have to defeat to win the game. Usually there's some special tactics or strategy you have to use. Jeriah02 comments that Dark Bunny VI reflects that its game rating assembles an incredibly awesome version of the 'SoulCalibur' series,which appears to be rated T for Teen . (I wonder how sexual 'The Housemaid' actually gets?)

Uh, KorraIsBack, what was that you said before about not ever seeing cow people because of the problem of what to do with the udders? ;)

I always maintained up until this episode that there'd never be a real cow person on Arthur (not including the "costumed" Mary Moo Cow), because the udders would present you with a dilemma on a cow-person lady. Would you include them as well as human breasts, or would you leave off one or the other? With cows, one of their main features is their udders.

Assuming that the "moomies" are actually mummified cow-people Egyptians, and not something else, I guess we have an answer here. Blech!.

Mom and Dad arrive home. Arthur's disappointed. He wanted to play longer. Dad explains that "Rigoletto is a short opera." All isn't lost though. Sally saves the game, so that they can pick it up later.

Mom and Arthur say goodbye to Sally at the door.

Mom: Thanks Sally, I hope they weren't too much trouble.

Sally: No trouble at all, Mrs. Read. Call me anytime! (to Arthur, making a cow-y hand gesture)Later, Bovinator!

When Muffy's rambling in the fantasy sequence in #60102 - "Best of the Nest," she refers to herself as the "Nestinator."


Mom says that she takes it that Arthur and Sally had fun. Arthur just stands dumbly at the door. After being prodded by Mom, he answers cooly, "Oh, yeah. She's okay."

This starts Arthur on a campaign. Some later evening, he heads into the kitchen, where Dad's stirring some unidentifiable gruel in a pot. He tells Dad that Wagner's Ring Cycle is coming to town. It's a nine-hour opera. Arthur figures that he might be interested since "you and Mom had such a good time the other night." He whistles and walks away.

We see him come annoy Mom, working on her computer. He hands her a flyer for a town meeting on speed bumps, which according to Arthur, are an "important issue."

Glad to see Arthur's interested in Traffic Operations. It would have been funny if Mom and Dad had agreed to go, and taken him with them to the meeting.


Then he goes even further. We see him spreading out brochures on the living room table.

Arthur: A free clogging lesson, half off your dinner at Trattoria Verdi, a lecture on the Maya. Did you know their temples are actually elaborate calendars?

Mom: Um, are you trying to get rid of us Arthur?

Arthur claims that he's not. He just thinks that they should get out more.

Hmmm. I certainly agree that Dad at least should get out more. I don't know if I necessarily want to see Dad clogging though.

Dad says that he has been wanting to try Trattoria Verdi. Arthur cries "All right!" and then amends, "I mean, you deserve it."

It's 5:51 P.M. at the Read household. Arthur knows this because he's watching the digital clock in his room. In fact, he's holding it.

Arthur knows what 5:51 PM means. Only nine more minutes until the babysitter arrives.

He slips into a fantasy sequence, imagining going and actually battling Nocoworetti with Sally on his side.

Something out of NARUTO Book #30: ‘Puppetmasters”…


The doorbell rings. Arthur runs down the stairs, explaining, "Hey Sally! I finished my homework early so we can start playing Curse of The...hhhhhhhh!"

Sally wasn't the babysitter of choice tonight. Arthur and D.W. end up dancing in front of Mrs. Grouse, who's a grey-haired elderly nutcase rabbit lady.

Grouse: Yes, that's it! Way to swing, D.W.! Come on Arthur, put some hip into it!

Right. Sure. And why not go ahead and put a little piston into it as well.


Arthur's now in the library, drawing with a pencil, the same style as seen in episodes like #21601- "Love Notes For Muffy".

He draws a stick figure girl (Sally), who's skipping along a sidewalk.

Why in a game full of cow mummies would you decide to draw a sheep? My guess is that somebody didn't want to animate the udders.

Sally Drawing: Oh no, a flying sheep zombie, escaped from the tomb of Cowkanahten!

On the paper and the audio, the sheep bahhhhs and attacks.


Bionic Bunny flies in. He tells Sally not to worry, he'll save her. He starts pulling on the sheep, but then complains that the wool is so coarse that his hands are bleeding. He gives up, and with an "I'm out of here!", he flies off.

Sally's panicking. She's afraid the sheep zombie is going to lick her with its rough tongue. Then, Arthur swats it with a humongous fly swatter.

Arthur: Lamburger, Sally?

Groan. (Pauses while the collective "Arthur" audience takes a second to groan.)

The stick-figure Sally calls Arthur her hero.


Just then, Buster walks up. He says that Arthur's drawings are cool. He wants to know who the girl is. Arthur starts wiggling his glasses again, saying it's nobody in particular. He tries to get Buster to leave him alone -- Doesn't Buster have some reading to do? Buster does a detective gesture "hmmmm".

That night, Dad's filling in for the caterer of the Medieval Reenactment Society, who has the flu. He's wearing a knight's suit of armour, and Mom's dressed in purple as a beautiful queen.

Better than it being the other way around, at any rate. Meddad

Anyway, the good thing about this is that Sally (and a friend of hers) are coming over to babysit.


That night, Sally's just finishing making paper craft dolls with D.W., whom she calls "quite an artist."

Given that all three of them have ears on the tops of their heads (Arthur and D.W. being aardvarks, and Sally, given the nose, a bear like Brain) how come the paper dolls are earless?


She tells Arthur to choose an activity. Arthur immediately goes for Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy, Level 12.

D.W. (in a annoyed gesture): What a surprise...

Just then, the doorbell rings. It's Sally's friend--- or rather, boyfriend. His name is Corey. He's an aardvark with yellow hair, and he's wearing Arthur-esque shoes. He introduces himself with a "Heya dude."

I knew that Sally would have a boyfriend since she did say "friend".


D.W.: ID please! You have to be at least sixteen to babysit us!


Does anyone believe that girl had Arthur's parent's permission to invite her boyfriend over while she was supposed to be babysitting?

Arthur leaves. He can't believe he has competition for Sally's attention. He says that he has some math homework he forgot to finish.

That night, Mom comes into his room. Arthur asks if she and Dad are going out again any time soon. Mom says that they're not, at least that she knows of. Arthur seems pleased with that, but sad anyway.

Arthur's sleeping with his glasses on again.

Now Arthur's at The Sugar Bowl. If we're to believe our eyes, he's consumed four shakes. Anyway, he's back to drawing again.

Sally's walking down the street again and encounters another "flying sheep zombie." She calls for Arthur to help. Arthur's got one of those swirls comic characters have over their heads when they're mad.

Arthur: Why don't you have Corey help you? He's your boyfriend!

Corey (whose hair is now covering his eyes): Me? I'm just a dorky, floppy-haired teenager. I can barely see.

It must be something about the way about this line's delivered, or the fact that I was generally pleased with these episodes when I watched them, but this line struck me as highly funny. Careful though, "Arthur" staff. You're pushing it.

It's been long noted the Arthur world's aversion to long hair on boys, Elwood City must have rules like Disneyland in the sixties. The "dirty floppy haired teenager who can bairly see" was far and away my daughter's favorite bit of this whole season, but being eight years old herself she shares Arthur's disdain of teenagers.

The drawing of the lamb eating the boyfriend was humorous....

The sheep zombie devours them both and burps. Arthur pats it on the head. "Good sheep."


Buster approaches him again. He's got a chocolate shake. He wants to know if the girl in the drawing is the same one he was drawing before. Arthur comes out with his "reading" line again. Buster's shocked at the concept. They're at the Sugar Bowl! He says that Arthur's been acting weird lately. He wants to know what's wrong.

Arthur agrees to tell him, but he says that he has to promise not to tell anyone. And he means it this time!

Hmmm, why doesn't he just paint "easy mark" on his forehead? This is Buster we're talking about!

Arthur: I have this babysitter, and well, I really like her. It all started when we were playing "Curse of the Moomy". We had just gotten to Level 12 and...

Buster: Say no more. I understand.

Arthur: You do?

Buster: Yup. You were crushed. She walked all over you -- right?

Arthur basically agrees with this assessment. Buster tells him that he's "just not ready." He should "stay away from her." He invites Arthur to stay at his place on Friday night. Arthur agrees.

He arrives at Buster's on Friday night. Turns out that Buster's Mom went out on a date with Harry, and hired a babysitter. It's Sally! Arthur is shocked. She was the last person he wanted to see.

Sally: You guys want pepperoni on that pizza?

Buster: Your parents recommended her! She even plays video games!

Sally: Oh, I'm just an amateur. Arthur's the pro.

Arthur: Uh, excuse me. I have to unroll my sleeping bag. (To Buster): Thanks a lot, pal!

Given the circumstances, Arthur handled it quite well.

Buster's aghast. He wants to know what he said.

Buster's house with its tall staircase and long upstairs hallway sure is big for an apartment/condo.

Why does Arthur need the sleeping bag? Buster has a bunkbed. Or am I just incredibly out of it?

Some time later, Sally brings Arthur some pizza, as he's not come down from "unrolling his sleeping bag" yet, and she talks with him. She wishes Corey played video games.

Sally: He's a nice guy, but he never makes it past level 1!

Oh the fun one could have, taking that statement out of context...hmmm... no Christmas presents for me this year.

Anyway, luckily Sally says she found someone equally matched to play with. Arthur wants to know who it is.

Sally: A new friend named Arthur Read. You know, Buster has "Curse of the Moomy". Want to find out how tough Nocoworetti really is?

They try to beat level 12, but Nocoworetti had underestamated them. Arthur says that Level 12 is a killer.

Buster: I told ya so Arthur. She crushes you, then walks all over you. That's why she's the "Mommy of all Moomies".

Arthur's stunned. That's what Buster meant at The Sugar Bowl?! Buster thought Arthur was talking about Nocoworetti!! Buster says yeah... then he wants to know who Arthur thought he was talking about.


Arthur: Heh heh. I thought...heh heh, forget it.

Buster: Well, tell me, who?!

Arthur: No one.

Buster: Come on, I can keep a secret!

Arthur: Forget it, Buster!

Fade out, but not to the credits, but rather, to a dedication:



A tribute to Pat Harris…

The dedication is directly related to #60901- "The Good Sport" and the "And Now A Word From Us Kids" segment that goes with it. The girl who did the segment is Jennifer Kirk, the daughter of Pat Harris, who was the research director for WGBH, the PBS station that produces "Arthur." This here is an article about her. In it, she describes her Mom, Pat Harris, as "very involved in my skating and she has been really good at relaxing me around competitions and putting my goals in order." Definitely a fitting tribute.

Special Flashback

Early speculation on this one focused perhaps on the possiblity of someone being really upset about something, like say, somebody moving away forever. Nope. That happened in back in #60502 - "Arthur and Los Vecinos." And nobody was all that "crushed" about it.

KorraIsBack, however, had it on the money. Well before the episode information was released, she commented:

Please don't tell me "Crushed" will involve someone having a crush on someone else and it turning out unreturned. It's all too likely.

I thought "Crushed" could be considered a pre Kate & Pal episode since we never see them. However, Bitzi's boyfriend, Harry, was mentioned.

When I first read the Seasons 4-8 article for this one, I really didn't get the premise. The shock value or whatever just wasn't there for me. So Mom and Dad are hiring a babysitter? So what? They've done it plenty of times before, like Katherine in such episodes as #21901- "D.W.'s Name Game."

My mucho-sticks to “The Legend Of Korra”

I may be in the minority on this one, but I didn't like this one much. There was too much videogame playing, and not enough other stuff. I'm not going to say I wanted a big romance episode, but I was disappointed by this one. The Legend Of Korra with Korra having a crush on Mako was better.


Was it just me or is it a cliche of young boys having crushes on older females only to find out that they have boyfriends? Reminds me of “When Extremes Meet” from the show,where Ikki had told Asami that Korra loves Mako,but that really freaked her out!

Final Thoughts

Can Sally get into trouble for having a boyfriend over? I was thinking of a possible situation: Sally and her boyfriend are making out on Arthur's sofa. Two things could happen :

Arthur could watch them kiss and threaten to tell his parents! He would threaten Sally for betraying his true love.

Arthur's parents could find them on their sofa!

*too tired to give any real comments* but I'll say this - Arthur and hormones don't mix ;)


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