I'd Rather Read it MyselfEdit

===Episode #302===

"D.W., All Fired Up" / "I'd Rather Read it Myself"

Synopsis by Dave.

Comments by Dave and Ben from a bunch of e-mails a while back. This synopsis was number 100 of 150 added to the site. Only 50 to go before season five... This review tips the file size scales at just over 29 kB... mainly due to the complicated HTML format. I think that makes it the biggest one to date.


Even though the Tibbles and D.W. are roughly the same age, it seems like the Tibbles are always the first to do everything.

D.W. pointed to the grandfather clock at the Tibbles' house. She asked what time it was. One of them said it was "eleventy twelve". The other said that was right. Since D.W. couldn't tell time, she had to assume they were right.

We see them laughing as they pass D.W. going up a hill. They're racing along while while D.W. was puffing along on her tricycle, a clip from #11901 - "D.W. Rides Again".

They claimed to be able to tell time before D.W. could.
They could ride two wheeler bikes before her too.

If only D.W. could be the first to do something before the Tibbles...

* * * I'd Rather Read it Myself * * *

D.W. and the Tibbles are playing D.W.'s "Confuse the Goose" board game outside. The board has a large goose in the middle which spins around. The object of the game is to try and flip things into the goose's beak.

Suddenly, there's a crash from next door.

The Tibbles rush to see what's happened, as does D.W., and then the Tibbles' Grandma. In the front of the Tibbles' house, the Tibble twins dug a large pit, about a foot and a half deep and about 9 foot wide, and covered it with branches. On top of this, they'd placed a peanut butter cup candy as bait.

This is their (sic) "Burma-ese tiger trap".

The only trouble is that they haven't caught a tiger. Their unlikely captive is Mr. Haney, Arthur's principal. He bent down to pick up the peanut butter cup, and suddenly he was trapped!

  • The Tibbles are a little annoyed that Mr. Haney broke their "Burma-ese tiger trap".
  • Mr. Haney wants to know if he can keep the peanut butter cup.

Grandma Tibble is concerned at the fact she now has a deep pit in the garden. She asks the Tibbles if they got permission to dig such a deep hole.

Permission or not, the hole will have to be filled in. She'll have to go out. Can the Tibbles stay over with D.W.? She shouldn't be out long.

* * *

Mom and D.W. prepare for the Tibbles' arrival. D.W. calls out instructions to Mom.

D.W.: You lock up the china, I'll get a soccer ball and keep them busy outside.

It starts to downpour outside. Looks like soccer is out of the question. D.W. will have to find some way of entertaining them inside.

The Tibbles arrive.

D.W.: Let's color!

D.W. hands them a coloring book, and some crayons.

The Tibbles color extremely fast -- there's a flurry of activity for a a few seconds. Then the Tibbles get up. They need something else to do. D.W. goes over to her coloring book and inspects the Tibbles' handiwork. She flips through the pages. All the pictures are scribbled over.

D.W.: This... was my favorite coloring book!

D.W. doesn't spend much time mourning the loss of her coloring book since she knows the Tibbles' are a menace to society if left unoccupied. But how? She seeks out advice.

Arthur's up in his room, doing homework.

Can Arthur help her out? No. Arthur claims he has 207,000 math problems for homework.

Ok then, if Arthur can't help, can he just give her some advice? He's had experience dealing with them as a babysitter. What keeps them quiet?

Arthur says the last time he babysat them, he found something that worked.

Arthur: Yah, I told them a story.

That could work for D.W., except that she can't read stories, since she can't read anything. But then, neither can the Tibbles. D.W. returns to the den, where the Tibbles are milling about. She has an announcement.

She's going to read them a story.

The Tibbles say that that's impossible. Anything D.W. can do, they can do. They can't read, and neither can she.

D.W.: I've been reading for a long time!

Tibbles: Since when?

D.W.: Since last Thursday.

The Tibbles find something for her to read, to prove (or better yet, disprove) her claim. They point to the nameplate on the television in the den. The manufacturer of this television is "Elbozonic" according to the nameplate.

D.W. claims that it says... television!

The Tibbles confer -- is D.W. right? They don't know. They can't read! It sounds good to them. Maybe she CAN read. However, they're still not completely convinced. They find a book in the den for her to read to them. It's a copy of the "3 Bears".

The Tibbles think they will be able to trip D.W. up now. "It's got lots of pictures, so we'll know if you're reading it right".

D.W. sounds uncomfortable with that.

D.W.: That's boring.

She picks up a heavy looking book. The Tibbles look inside. It's all words! They sound dubious.

D.W. tells them not to worry.

D.W.: I'll read them all to you.

They sit down, and D.W. starts reading. She flips to a random place in the book, and starts to "read".

D.W. (narrating): This is the story of D., err... B.W.!

B.W. was a "smart, great, perfect girl".

We see what D.W.'s talking about. There's a splodgy background, with a picture of a paper doll-esque D.W. in her underwear. There's an arrow pointing to B.W. marked "B.W.". Both B.W. and the arrow are jiggling about.

D.W. (narrating): She was a princess, a genius, cool, and a nice person.

Paper doll clothes fly out and go onto B.W. in quick succession.

  • Princess outfit.
  • Scientist outfit with test tubes and atoms flying about,
  • Then a riding outfit with a pony.
I've decided to do this one a bit differently from other "referencer" episodes -- sort of like a high school Shakespeare text... the story is on the left, and the references and a couple of comments are on the right.

Once we get into the story, we find that B.W. is a superhero. All of the wipes between scenes are done with a rapidly spinning "B.W." logo that flys towards us -- like the old Batman series.

B.W. wears a superhero outfit with a bicycle helmet for protection.

The Tibbles interrupt D.W.'s storytelling... They're almost thinking that D.W. isn't actually reading to them. What's making them suspicious? B.W. is pretty close to D.W....

Timmy: If it was "D.W." I'd think you were making this up!

D.W. says for them to be quiet, so she can get on with the story. They let her continue to read to them.

B.W. was all these things, but she was...

D.W. (narrating): ...too polite to brag.

B.W. also had a pony.

D.W. (narrating): ...and the pony lived in her room, and her parents... said it was ok.

B.W.'s room has bunk beds. It's time for bed. B.W. has the bottom bunk. Pony has top bunk. B.W. snuggles down in her bed, as does the heavier pony in it's bunk. It lies in its bed on it's back.

Mom and Dad come into the room.

  • Mom gives B.W. a kiss goodnight.
  • Dad kisses the pony.
D.W. has fantasized about her own pony for a while.

Just one thing kept B.W.'s life from being perfect...

At the doorway to B.W.'s bedroom, light shines in from outside. In the light, we see an ominous long angular shadow.

D.W. (narrating): ...a big old nasty thing.

The shadow is that of regular old Arthur.

Arthur laughs. He looks quite evil in the light.

As if having an older brother wasn't bad enough, B.W.'s brother Arthur wasn't a regular brother -- he was a "mega transformalizer".

Arthur stands smiling in garden.

Arthur's body suddenly goes all boxy, like a robot's. His head turns into a nosecone shape and spins around. Arthur then transforms into a helicopter, and then into a rocket with a lima bean tin for the cylinder of the rocket.

This blasts off, and heads skyward.

Why a lima bean tin? How do I even know it's supposed to be a lima bean tin? At first, I didn't know what it was meant to be. It looked like a tin with the top bent back with a bowl of porridge on the front. But Arthur had a nasty accident with a lima bean tin at the city dump in #21401 - "Arthur's Knee"... D.W. had an aversion to lima beans before, and the dump incident just added to D.W.'s dislike of them -- so it's natural she'd link 'to the hands of evil.

Arthur's partner in crime is a robot known as "BUSTRANTOR".

It's a large Buster, clad entirely in steel. He has rocket feet, like Astroboy.

A chorus of supermarket employees sing as we see Bustrantor flying into a supermarket, "QMART".

Supermarket chorus: Bustrantor, Bustrantor, the hungry robot!

Hungry he is. Bustrantor's only purpose appears to be to eat. He lands inside the supermarket, and starts eating. He can't eat fast enough. Out from his body pop suction pipes and bucket conveyors which pull vast amounts of food like turkeys and ice cream into Bustrantor's vast interior cavity.

Bustrantor burps.

If you think about it, a "hungry robot" would be an interesting weapon. You could unleash it upon your enemies, and it would eat them into submission.

  • * *Anyway, Bustrantor and Arthur are flying along, cruising above the clouds.
Their most recent rotten crime was that they'd stolen the "World's most valuable snowball". Probably it's D.W.'s snowball. She saved it for nearly a year, and then it was lost in"D.W.'s Snow Mystery". It was never recovered, and nobody had any idea as to who stole it, even though everyone was accused...
Secret Agent B.W. got on the case.

We see B.W.'s pony standing outside the Reads' house on its back legs, holding a set of those orange cone things they use to marshal airplanes with at airports. From out of B.W.'s dormer window of the Read's house flys B.W. in a futuristic aerodynamic rocketcar.

This does a right turn, and heads down the street.

B.W. communicates with her base from inside the car. She asks for a lock on the location of Bustrantor and Arthur.

Not an Arthur reference, but the secret getaway exit hidden in a typical suburban house is nothing new... Wallace & Gromit had one for their motorcycle, and there was one in the "My Pet Monster" cartoon.
* * *

Inside B.W.'s base, there's a large curved multilevel bank of monitors. In order to use this bank of monitors requires the use of a chair with a hydraulic arm to move it up, down, back and around to view information. Sitting in the control seat is Walter the deer with a headset on.

Walter moves the chair down so he can munch some plants from a large container, and then moves up so he can check some information. He toggles some switches.

Walter: Locked on. 3-2-1 Transport.

As Walter says this, we're back to seeing B.W.'s rocketcar. It dematerializes.

  • * *
Walter of course, is D.W.'s forest friend from Rainbow Rock State Park whom we first met in #21101 - "D.W.'s Deer Friend". He's a wild deer, but he's been getting more and more anthropomorphised...
It rematerializes near the bad guys' secret hideout. It's Arthur's treehouse, only it's now an inch thick steel box with open sides.B.W. starts climbing up the rungs to the treehouse. Arthur and Bustrantor see her coming.

Arthur: Oh no you're not.

They get ready to stop D.W. from getting into their treehouse.

It's a long drop down. D.W. looks down to see, of all things, a balance beam near the base of the tree.

B.W.: That balance beam, my only chance!

B.W. leaps from the tree to the balance beam, landing on it perfectly. She starts doing complicated jumps and turns on it.

Arthur: Nobody's that good on a balance beam!

D.W. had a nasty incident involving a dare and a balance beam in #11602 - "D.W. Flips".

B.W.'s deft moves on the balance beam amazed the bad guys long enough for her to get away. B.W. then jumped from the balance beam onto a bicycle.

Arthur and Bustrantor thought they had her, since they didn't think that B.W. could escape them, since they didn't think she could ride a two-wheeler.

B.W. though, COULD ride a two-wheeler, and what's more, she could even ride a no-wheeler!

We see the wheels of the bike fall off, and B.W., still pedalling furiously, taking off into the air. No-wheeler bikes can fly.

D.W.'s experiences trying to learn how to ride a bike were the subject of #11901 - "D.W. Rides Again".

Bustrantor and Arthur could fly too. They chased B.W. everywhere, to Bear Lake.

D.W. (narrating): Everyone said that the lake had no octopuses, but really it had over 7000 octopuses!

We see hundreds of tentacles churning the water and trying to grab for B.W. as she flys over it on her no-wheeler bike. She manages to dodge them all.

But the bad guys weren't so clever -- We see them writhing in the grip of lots and lots of tentacles.

  • * *
After being scared by an octopus at the Aquarium, D.W. was afraid to go in the water at Bear Lake beach... that was #10301 - "D.W. All Wet".

That evening, B.W. went to dinner at a fancy restaurant with her parents.

B.W. was smart enough not to eat the spinach, which was good, since the spinach turned everyone who ate it into a "spinachhead". We see the affect of this -- everyone is turning spinach green, and they can no longer talk, having become drooling idiots.

Mom and Dad: Duh duh duh!

B.W. was the only one in the restaurant unaffected. She knew that the only thing that cures spinachheads was the "Power Ring of Power". D.W. leaves Mom and Dad still "duh"-ing in the restaurant...

D.W. didn't want to eat spinach at a fancy restaurant in #20301 - "D.W., the Picky Eater".

B.W. knew that the "Power Ring of Power" was being used in Aunt Lucy's wedding.Cut to the church. Just like in #12501 - "D.W. Thinks Big", the ring carrier takes a tumble, and the ring goes flying in a high parabolic arc into the pipe organ, clattering about inside. We see B.W. putting her head into the service hatch on the side of the organ just the way D.W. did.

D.W. (narrating): B.W. reached for it, grabbing it just before it fell to the center of the Earth.

#12501 - "D.W. Thinks Big" -- D.W. saves Aunt Lucy's wedding, because she is small enough to go inside the pipe organ.

B.W. hurried back to the restaurant with the ring.

By now, the "spinachhead" metamorphisis has progressed much further. Mom and Dad's heads now are highly mutated. They still have their facial features in the right place, but the tops of their heads look like spinaches!

Then B.W. remembered that without the "magic blankie", the ring was powerless.

  • * *
D.W.'s favorite blankie appears in a few episodes... most notably #12701 - "D.W.'s Blankie".

B.W. is now flying along on a cool futuristic looking motorcycle. She needs the help of "Secret Agent Nadine".

Nadine appears, in a flying sidecar.

D.W. (narrating): She was so secret that nobody had ever seen her.

Nadine's flying sidecar melds onto B.W.'s flying motorcycle in midair. Their destination was the "Superconfusing All-In-One-Mart". The magic blankie was last seen somewhere here.

Inside the store, it's a confusing maze. Soon B.W. and Nadine are hopelessly lost.

Nadine: We're lost! D.W. (narrating) They were lost -- possibly forever.

Nadine of course, is D.W.'s imaginary friend, who appears in loads of episodes.Nadine and D.W. got lost at the All-In-One-Mart in #12402 - "D.W. Gets Lost" -- that time though, D.W. wanted to go looking for earrings.
Then B.W. remembered something. She goes to a large glass freezer compartment and takes out her snowball, which was magic.

B.W.: The snowball can show use the way out!

On the surface of the snowball is a large arrow pointing left.

Using the magic snowball to tell them the way to go, B.W. and Nadine soon found their way out of the confusing store.

So that's where D.W.'s snowball got to. It was lost and never found in #12201 - "D.W.'s Snow Mystery".

At the entrance to the mall happens to be a bus that looks just like "Crazy Bus" from #20602 - "Play it Again, D.W.". Its door is open. A bored looking Pickles the clown is in the driver's seat. Behind Pickles is D.W.'s blankie, or in this story, the "magic blankie".

B.W.: Look, inside Crazy Bus!

Nadine: Wait!

Too late. D.W. is bounding up the stairs into the bus.

"Crazy Bus" -- as featured in #20602 - "Play It Again, D.W.", although it was featured first in #20601 - "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver"... it's been featured countless times since then -- probably the most used Arthur running gag.

Pickles the Clown. We all know Pickles. Pickles is allergic to dogs, most notably, Pal.