Arthur-related Fan ArtEdit

These are probably NOT what you'd expect to see on the official art section of the official PBS Arthur website...

If you have a look through the fan art that's been sent in, you'll notice that most of it seems to feature Arthur and his friends as teenagers.

's suggested that this might be because it makes them look less distorted and therefore more like human figures if they're drawn this way...

Thanks to everyone who's sent in artwork. Keep it coming. :)

Last Updated: 12 September 2002----

Artwork by Ben (ben_lxa).
February konan x nagato by dune3001-d36bm91

That would be a cinch... for an affair, no doubt!

The dark side of Elwood City...

Artwork by S.C.

More artwork by S.C. Sockppt
Artwork by Aonarr/Morgan. Ex
Artwork by George4Browne. Loveducks
Artwork by dw_divastar. Gregs
Artwork by VeryPinkyGirl. Spans
Artwork by third_degree_fern_victim. Pallick
Artwork by john_kaon_kerr .