Muffy Goes Metropolitan is the second half of the 2nd episode of Season 7. It first aired on October 9, 2002 with Francine's Split Decision. It was written by Matthew Lane and the storyboard was drawn by Jeremy O'Neil.


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Muffy goes with Sue Ellen to Crown City, a nearby metropolis, which Muffy thinks is a glamorous world of class, fashion, shopping, and high culture. However, her first trip is nothing like she imagined it would be as they go to an Ethiopian restaurant, listen to a poetry slam and more.


On the start of a three day weekend, Muffy joins in on a conversation about Crown City because Sue Ellen was talking about her upcoming trip to Crown City. Muffy feels disappointed because she had never been there, unlike most of the other kids. She convinces Sue Ellen to take her with her, and she makes a list of three things she wants to do: 1: Have a fancy dinner. 2: Go on a shopping spree, and 3: experience a tasteful cultural event. They drive there, and meet up with Sue Ellen's former babysitter Carla. However, they all go to an Ethiopian restaurant called Addis Ababa. Muffy has to eat with her hands, which annoys her. She almost gets hit in the face by a fish while Carla was shopping for fish. She goes to the store Little Lady Dollar Mart. Carla offers a cow beret that she found in the store. After declining it, she finally accepts it and buys it, but does not wear it. Later in the evening, she goes to a poetry club called Renae's, to complete her task of "tasteful cultural event". She sits down and gum gets stuck to her dress. She gets angry, and rants about how bad Crown City is. Everybody claps for her, including Carla and Sue Ellen because they thought it was poem for the poetry slam. She leaves, majorly upset, and goes underground to the Crown City Subway. She later appreciates the value of the city and its culture, and finally decides to wear the cow beret.


  • There is an ad for a parade that occurs on the date of when the episode takes place, May 25th. Coincidentally, this is the same date as Muffy's birthday.
  • The Ethiopian restaurant they go to, Addia Ababa, is the real capital of Ethiopia, which is a fitting name for that kind of restaurant.

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