We are back in Season 15!!!!

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" Does he drive you crazy in a bad way,or does he drive you crazy like you like him?."'

Ikki says annoyingly to Korra in Nickelodeon's "'The Legend Of Korra'".

Note: see the "Yuko's sake!" clips from the show.


The boxing thing is a hunch.

There's a load of plot elements that have kept reoccuring in Arthur :) It's sort of interesting to see the common themes. Some of these are important things, but some are just silly. Note that some episodes fit a load of different catagories.

I've probably missed a load of occurances. E-mail me if you see some omissions, or if you come up with some more trends.

"Wanted: School Councilor/Behavourist. Position available


immediately." by BinkyIsBack.
This is clever -- 'nuff said. Read it.)
Yet More Psychedelia and Subversion in Arthur's Fourth Season

You might be abducted by eating shrimp and crab legs...